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Please watch the entire video before registering. PASSION 2 PUBLISHED is the most complete virtual training program on the market for creating, publishing and monetizing your book. The program teaches you how to offer your book in multiple formats (thus, multiple revenue streams) and get it on the best sellers list.

LIFETIME ACCESS to Passion 2 Published Includes:

- Finding Your Perfect Niche
- Crafting a Best Selling Title
- Building Your Book Structure

- The TWO Methods of Book Creation
- BOOK FIRST Creation Videos
- AUDIO FIRST Creation Videos
- Creating a Stunning Book Cover

- Format and Publish Your eBook to Amazon
- Format and Publish Your Print Book to CreateSpace
- Format and Publish Your Audiobook to ACX

- Cracking the Best Sellers List
- Video Book Promotion
- Advanced Social Media Strategies
- Amazon Author Central

- Peak Productivity Course (4 modules)
- Backend Branding Course (12 modules)
- P2P Private Facebook Group
- P2P Monthly Book Club

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