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The Step-by-Step System to Create, Publish and Monetize Your Best Selling Book

Discover How You Can Be a Best Selling Author...Without Being a Literary Genius or Bill Shakespeare

There Has Never Been a Better, and Easier, Time to Write a Book Than RIGHT NOW

From the desk of Scott Welle...

Two years ago I wanted to write a book. I had grand aspirations of setting the world on fire and launching Scott Welle into the authoring elite. I saw it so clearly…

One year later I hadn’t written a single page. Not one. I was buried, stuck in some type of funked-up “writer's block” that wouldn’t even allow me to get started.

But, mostly, I was just afraid.

Keep in mind, I went to school to eat my lunch. I was that guy who fought to stay awake through high school English classes and only wrote papers because my graduation depended on it. I didn’t feel like I had a message of value to contribute to the world and lived with a who-the-heck-would-want-to-read-my-book-anyway attitude.

If you’ve ever felt this way, I can relate. I’ve been there. I kept waiting for the ringing voice of God to come, proclaiming that “NOW, YOU ARE WORTHY TO WRITE A BOOK!” But that voice never came. It won’t come for you either.

Once I got over myself and had the courage to step up and put myself out there, the game changed. I wrote eight best selling books in less than six months. I've made thousands of royalty dollars of "passive revenue" in my sleep. I've received emails and social media messages from people around the world thanking me for writing the books. And it has opened up scores of other online, and offline, business opportunities. Indeed, it has been worth it.

I don't say these things to brag, but just to let you know what's possible and to tell you that you're capable, and worthy. The Passion 2 Published program is filled with the exact strategies I used to become a best selling author (with 3 books becoming #1 Best Sellers in different countries). They’re surprisingly simple and they worked for me. They'll work for you too.

If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like with the addition of “Best Selling Author” to your portfolio, this is a golden opportunity. I hope you seize it.

To your success,

Creator, Passion 2 Published

The Most Comprehensive Book Writing Course on the Market.

A Very Relevant Testimonial For The Passion 2 Published Program...

My Mom

"You're a pretty good writer, kid, but you're no Charles Dickens..."

My Mom, After proof-reading my book "Outperform The Norm"
Scott Welle

"Thanks, mom. I guess there's hope out there for everyone then!"

Scott Welle, My rebuttal after being smacked down by my mom

Some of What's Included in the
Passion 2 Published Virtual Training Program...

  • eBook Publishing

    Create, format and self-publish your eBook worldwide and generate immediate revenue.

  • Print Book Publishing

    Utilize the power of Print-on-Demand for those who prefer to read a tangible, physical book.

  • Audiobook Publishing

    Record and publish your audiobook for distribution on iTunes, Amazon and Audible.

  • You = Expert

    Brand yourself as the go-to expert and trusted authority in your target niche.

  • Earn Global Royalties

    Yes, this is cool. Earn royalties in your sleep, from around the world, with the click of a button.

  • Create Raving Fans

    Social media strategies to market your book and create a tribe of raving fans who love YOU.

  • Build Offline Business

    Leverage your book to sell speaking, workshops, seminars, programs and other offline opportunities.

  • Maximize Backend Profits

    Use your book to set up an online business and sell your programs, ideas and services virtually.

Hold Your Horses! There's MORE!


BONUS #1 – The Peak Productivity Course

The Peak Productivity Course breaks down the strategies used by the highest achievers on the planet so you’re able to create your book faster, easier.

  • The BRAIN

    Thoughts control everything. Unlock the right frame of mind to be at your best, day in and day out.

  • The BODY

    You can’t be ultra productive if you’re tired and lethargic. Understand how to tap into sustainable energy and stamina.


    We are what we repeatedly do. Adopt the daily routines and patterns to get more done and waste less time.


    The ability to summon motivation, on command, may be the single most important skill one can learn.

BONUS #2 – The Backend Branding Course

Your book opens the door to a new world of opportunities.

The Backend Branding Course shows you how to leverage 12 different revenue-generating platforms with your book to grow a legitimate business AND a brand.

  • #1: Speaking

    The speaking industry can be one of the most lucrative on the planet. Break into it the RIGHT WAY.

  • #2: Coaching

    There are coaches in every field. Learn to position yourself as the go-to coach in your market.

  • #3: Media

    Nothing beats media exposure for your book and brand. Craft your story so the media WANTS to promote you.

  • #4: Forums

    Use expert forums to expand your reach and establish additional authority and credibility in your niche.

  • #5: Audio Programs

    Record and distribute high quality audio programs as an additional revenue stream.

  • #6: Video Programs

    Create online video and DVD programs to efficiently, and effectively, spread your message.

  • #7: Workshops

    Leverage the two different types of workshops and bundle your services accordingly.

  • #8: Webinars

    Broadcast your webinars globally and structure them to maximize your impact…and income.

  • #9: Training Manuals

    Produce physical and virtual training manuals, or home-study guides, based on the framework of your book.

  • #10: Membership Sites

    Grow recurring revenue by offering Member’s Only, or subscription-based, premium content.

  • #11: Seminars

    Soak up the energy from a crowd and build your brand by putting on your very own live seminar!

  • #12: Affiliates

    Create strategic relationships and partnerships with people so you can grow your business(es) together.

BONUS #3 – P2P Private Facebook Group

When you're chasing a dream, it helps to have others in the trenches with you. This group will share information and best practices, and support you every step of the way.

  • A Best Selling Social Community

BONUS #4 – The P2P Book Club

Ever been in a book club? This one is a little different.

In these monthly virtual Google Hangouts, we spend a night together “hanging out” and
working on the books we’re writing – not the books we’re reading.

  • Grab a Glass of Water (or Wine) and Pull Up a Chair. Let's Crank Away.

These bonuses fulfill the top 3 demands anyone could have of an authoring course...

First, you need to know how to get the best out of yourself to get your book WRITTEN. No book, no best seller title. No book, no global royalties. No book, no lucrative business. The Peak Productivity Course helps you get your book created!

Second, your book opens the door. The Backend Branding Course makes sure you're ready to step through it and take advantage of the opportunities. They WILL be waiting for you.

Third, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and it's always nice to be part of a community of passionate, and personable, aspiring authors. The P2P Private Facebook Group and P2P Book Club have got you covered.

"What if no one wants to buy my book?"

I wondered the same thing. But I soon learned otherwise (you will too)...

eBook Sales

This is a screenshot of the eBook royalties for the last 90 days (sorry - Amazon just changed their reporting features and this is the best I could do). How would you like to take your book business global with the click of a button?

Audiobook Sales

This is a screenshot of my cumulative audiobook sales through Amazon, iTunes and Audible. Numbers are based on worldwide sales. Audiobooks are a $1.5B industry and are an untapped resource for most self-published authors.

Print Book Sales

This is a screenshot of Print Book Sales. Gone are the days of writing a book and being forced to buy 1,000 copies to sell, door-to-door. Print-on-Demand means a book doesn't exist until someone BUYS it...and they can do it from almost anywhere in the world.

The way people consume information has changed. Some want to read electronically (A newspaper? What's that?), some want to read "traditionally," and some want to listen. Offering your book in multiples formats allows you to serve your customers exactly what they want.

The other benefit? Every great businessperson will tell you to have multiple streams of revenue; to never put all your eggs in one basket. There's no perfect algorithm to predict which format of your book will sell the best, but they all WILL sell. Distributing your book through different mediums will maximize your book's royalties.

Did I also mention that you can try this course RISK FREE for 30 days? Oh yeah, that's how we do it...

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I believe in doing things the right way. I have confidence in this course…and I have confidence in you. But if, for whatever reason, you’re not 100% completely satisfied, I will refund your money. No questions asked. And we’ll still be friends afterwards 🙂

So, the only remaining questions are...

What's Stopping You From Getting Started?

Isn't It Time For You To Publish YOUR Passion?

C'mon now...let's step up and get this done. It's your time.




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Please watch the entire video before registering. PASSION 2 PUBLISHED is the most complete virtual training program on the market for creating, publishing and monetizing your book. The program teaches you how to offer your book in multiple formats (thus, multiple revenue streams) and get it on the best sellers list.

LIFETIME ACCESS to Passion 2 Published Includes:

- Finding Your Perfect Niche
- Crafting a Best Selling Title
- Building Your Book Structure

- The TWO Methods of Book Creation
- BOOK FIRST Creation Videos
- AUDIO FIRST Creation Videos
- Creating a Stunning Book Cover

- Format and Publish Your eBook to Amazon
- Format and Publish Your Print Book to CreateSpace
- Format and Publish Your Audiobook to ACX

- Cracking the Best Sellers List
- Video Book Promotion
- Advanced Social Media Strategies
- Amazon Author Central

- Peak Productivity Course (4 modules)
- Backend Branding Course (12 modules)
- P2P Private Facebook Group
- P2P Monthly Book Club

**Watch the ENTIRE VIDEO for additional bonuses!


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