The Step-by-Step System to Create, Publish and Monetize Your Best Selling Book

The Best Selling Blueprint Resource Bank


The SWEPT Strategy

Social Media, Web Browsing, Email, Phone Calls and Text Messaging. Master these things, put them in their place and learn to use them PROACTIVELY, and you will skyrocket your productivity.

Why Perfectionism KILLS Books

There is a vicious cycle that goes on with perfectionism, starting with unrealistic standards, then procrastination, then unmet goals. Breaking this cycle early is the fastest way to get your best selling book created and not let it hold you back.

Video Book Promotion

Trust is critical in sales in general and it's ESPECIALLY important when it comes to your book sales. The best way to establish trust with your ideal reader and target audience is for them to be able to see you. Creating a strong video promotion for your book is a great way to do that.