The Step-by-Step System to Create, Publish and Monetize Your Best Selling Book

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Essential Downloads

  • Best Selling Framework
    Best Selling Framework

    Download this document to create the Best Selling Framework for your book. The more you plan on the front end, the more successful you will be on the back end.

  • Best Selling Framework
    Best Selling Framework

    Download this PDF document if you'd rather print and write your Best Selling Framework (instead of typing it into the word document above).

  • Best Selling Checklist
    Best Selling Checklist

    If you're someone who likes to "cross things off the list," this document will help you. It lists the key aspects of book creation, step-by-step, in an easy to follow format. (NOTE - this document will be updated periodically based on awesome member feedback :))

BONUS Downloads

  • Amazon Sales Rankings
    Amazon Sales Rankings

    This file gives an overview of how revenues work on Amazon, based on your ranking and the estimated number of sales per day.

  • Swipe File for Media Appearances
    Swipe File for Media Appearances

    This is the exact email that I sent to local news stations to get interviewed as a guest expert. Also included are the attachments that I sent with the email.

BONUS Video Training

1. Perfectionism KILLS Books

There is a vicious cycle that goes on with perfectionism, starting with unrealistic standards, then procrastination, then unmet goals. Breaking this cycle early is the fastest way to get your best selling book created and not let it hold you back.

BAM! Welcome Home!

Welcome to the Passion 2 Published Virtual Training System.  It's great to see you on the inside! My name is Scott Welle and I will be personally guiding you through the program. If you have any questions, please email


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Please be on the lookout for upcoming conference calls on advanced "ninja strategies" (I love that term) for creating, publishing and monetizing your best selling book. Details will be posted here.